Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Great Heights to Staggering Falls: 2012 Begins

2011 was a good year.

As many of you know, Which Button Jumps...? is an ever-evolving beast that I've attempted to harness for the power of good over the years; it is an occasionally-updated collection of brief essays on gaming, which I use to find new employers or clients. Since my last update, I found steady work that paid well throughout the entire year of 2011, for which I am grateful. Unfortunately for me, that came to an end to start off 2012, as I was laid off due to budget cuts from my primary job and restructured at my secondary gig on the same day. All things have a positive side to them and I feel this is no different, allowing me to dig my heels into the gaming scene once again after a financially stable hiatus from this line of work.

Many people go through life without a clue as to what drives them professionally, scrambling to find their place in the world. I have been lucky enough to know since the age of 10 that I wanted to change the landscape of the gaming industry through written word. I taught myself how to read and write thanks to video games, and as a way to repay the industry that gave me such a wonderful gift, I was determined to become a writer within it with a desire to help the people who create video games make them better. For the most part, I have not succeeded in doing so thus far due to lack of opportunity and time. I hope to change that -- perhaps with your help -- in 2012.

If you are looking for freelance help, please contact me at davidjmccutcheon@gmail.com. I have experience in site administration, articles in both publication and on the Internet, all-nighters at conferences, covering lavish launch parties (photography included), and wrangling celebrities for what have been mostly positive interview experiences. I sincerely want to help you make a difference.

Over the next two weeks, I will share my Top 10 list for video games in 2011. It feels wonderful to write about games once again. I hope you have as much fun reading the write-ups as I had creating them.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned,

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